26 Jul '19 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward
Last day in New Zealand. We showered and went to breakfast. I ate a lot of smoked salmon and eggs in anticipation for a long day ahead. After breakfast, we went back to the room and packed our bags nicely before heading out to explore. We firstly walked down the street to get our Lime Scooters so we can efficiently see the city. Jip and I rode along the river, passing the Bridge of Remembrance before arriving at the Botanical Gardens.
25 Jul '19 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward
First proper sleep in was had by all today!!! We made it to breakfast at 9am and I had some eggs and fruit. Jip and I joined Jips dad, Natalja and Layla to go to Akaroa. It would be a 1.5 hour drive. It was looking like a nice sunny day until we got to the outskirts of Christchurch and it became heavy with fog. We were starting to doubt our decision to go to Akaroa.
24 Jul '19 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward
None of us slept well in the church! We gathered at 8am and made our way in foot through the middle of Dunedin for a breakfast cafe. We were very lucky in our venture and we came to a cafe rather quickly. I wasn't feeling very hungry so I ordered toast with local honey and a spirulina smoothie. We took off and went the scenic route to Christchurch rather than highway 1.
23 Jul '19 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward
Some of us were up early today because we had to get to the Shotover Jet. The others slept in for the first time this trip! We had to walk to the Shotover station and board a bus to get to the Shotover river. On the way, we were given neck socks to wear due to the wind chill factor and we were told to continue wearing our jackets and out on one of their waterproof jackets and life jackets.
22 Jul '19 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward
Today we were awake well before sunrise and had a delicious hot English breakfast in the dark. With our backpacks full of scarves, beanies and jumpers, we were ready for our full day outing to Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound is part of the Fiordland National Park and has a landscape described as the best modern example of Gondwana. It was a 2 hour drive to Manapouri where we met with other travelers and boarded our boat ride to Wilmot Pass.