About Me

I started doing an online blog back in 2014 on my iPad as a way of keeping my family up to date with what I was doing and reassuring them that I was alive!

I try to attach photos for each entry (if I can!) so if someone didn't want to read through the expansive entries about what was happening, at least there were visual representations of what I did each day.

My blogs became quite serious and in depth whilst I was traveling through Japan. Each town I visited had such a rich history and I thought that their stories had to be told. The entries also provides me with the opportunity to look back and revisit each adventure. Unfortunately whilst in Japan, the app that I was using on my iPad at the time would rarely let me type or insert photos so it would take me at least an hour to complete each entry. Sometimes, it would be two hours - making me frustrated and the work even more tedious.

I am merely an amateur with blogging as I am only able to do the entries at night after each wonderfully, magical day and as I try and fit as much as I possibly can whilst exploring, it then leaves even less time to document each and every waking moment.

I hope you enjoy my honest, rambling, food-centred crazy journey - bring on the next!

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Some girls are made of adventure, fine beer, brains and no fear.