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24 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
Up at 4.45am to finalise packing and to meet the others in the lobby at 5.15am. We hopped onto our airport transport and the driver played classics from the seekers, mamas and the papas and the Eagles. At the airport, I ate a Burger King bacon, egg and cheese croissant with hash browns (potato gems) and orange juice. At the gate, Jacinta and I found a couple of massage chairs and for $2, enjoyed an 8min massage.
23 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
Today I woke at 8.30am and walked down to the ABC store and grabbed a turkey wrap and a iced vanilla latte. I stopped in at a retro tshirt shop and the shop attendant told me about a cheap department store that sells last seasons clothes at a cheap price. Jacinta, Michelle, Rebecca and I walked to this department store, Ross’ and it appears like a huge savers store but it sells designer clothes!
22 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
Today we managed to get a sleep in and got up around 10am. We caught the bus to Diamond Head. It is the famous volcanic crater that overlooks Waikiki. This volcano has been dormant for over 20,000 years and it was used in the army for housing ammunition in tunnels and as a look out for enemy ships. The trolley bus drives straight into the crater and from there it's a $1 park fee and a 40 minute climb to the summit.
21 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
After only sleeping about three hours last night as I was too hot and suffering terrible headtburn, we rose at 7.30am and met everyone in the lobby. We walked to the other Outrigger hotel to get on a catamaran and off out to Turtle Canyon. Turtle canyon is a special reef area where wild turtles come to get their shells cleaned by fish. When we got on the boat, we were instructed on how to use our snorkels and optional flotation vests.
20 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
With the helicopter crash at Pearl Harbour yesterday, the ferry out to USS Arizona was closed. The park was still open but Jacinta and I decided not to go with the others and have a sleep in. We casually got up around 9.30am, ate breakfast and set out on a walk. We walked to this big park near the base of Diamond Head. We then walked along the waters edge passed the Honolulu zoo and the aquarium.
19 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
After receiving our wake up call from Michelle, we had 40 minutes to chow down some food, shower and meet in the lobby. This was easier said than done as I also had to get cash out to pay for the bus! The ATMs dispense $20 notes and I needed $1 notes so I had to purchase something to then get the change! Our double decker bus arrived quite quickly and we sat up the top at the front.
18 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
I managed to wake around 8am but Jacinta was still fast asleep until 10am. We ate our breakfast of fruit, granola and yoghurt before meeting the others at 11am. It was a short walk to the bus stop where we had to get our free ‘trolley’ ride into downtown Honolulu. Little did we know, the trolley comes hourly so we had to wait until noon before the next one; thankfully the weather was brilliant today!
17 Feb '16 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Hawaii
We made it to airport just as check in was about to open and then decided to relax at one of the bars within the international terminal. It was a relatively smooth 10hr flight with one patch of turbulence. I managed to sleep 4 hours. Jetstar is an interesting airline to fly with internationally. You don't get any food or drink (additional cost) and you don't get a pillow or blanket (again, an additional cost).