22 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Today is our last full day on our holiday. We had a leisurely breakfast of fresh bread and ham, cheese and tomatoes. (Cheese count: 22) We walked back to the centre of Amsterdam to a second hand market that is meant to be amazing. The problem was that it was very windy with constant 40km/hr winds and a lot of that stall holders didn't set up. This was fine as we just meandered passed all the canals until we found ourselves at the flower market.
21 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Today was a sleep in day whilst Jip's mother was at work. We showered and started the dreaded packing of the suitcases. We managed to fit everything with minimal space remaining. When Jips mother got home, we had lunch and then his dad came and got us for our last journey to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, we had some snacks at home prior to walking to Central Station to get the free ferry across to North Amsterdam for dinner.
20 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Slept well for a few hours before showering and having breakfast. Jip's mum bought me a special cheese with truffles through it so I just had to have some on some fresh bread! (Cheese count: 22). It was very tasty. Jip and I rode our bicycles into Wijchen city centre and went to the local book store and I bought some Dutch grammar books to improve my understanding of the language.
18 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Early wake up for our B&B breakfast that we had to pay extra for; I thought the meaning of a B&B was breakfast included! It was a worthwhile breakfast of fresh rolls, cheeses, homemade apricot jam and soft boiled egg each. (Cheese count: 21) We put everything in the car in its usual orderly fashion. Jips bags in the boot with my backpack on top, my suitcase standing up on the backseat and our coats hanging up on the other seat.
18 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Today was our first day we left accommodation before eating! I found a lake close by that we decided to have breakfast at and it was definitely worth it! Surrounded by pine trees , mossy rocks and ducks going under the water for the fish. We had the remainder of our smoked salmon and cheese on bread with grape juice. We hit the road and was sad to see Norway in the rear mirror!