Day 6: St Patrick's Day

Today we had a sleep in until 7.45am and our room was the first down to breakfast. I took my tube of Vegemite and we all had bread rolls with Vegemite and/or cheese. We all went back and got ready in our green jumpers and shamrocks. 

We walked as a big group up to Dame street and we were told to get a window seat in one of the pubs for when the St Patrick's Day parade starts. At 10.30am it started to rain so we found coverage at one of the many pubs and it so happened that the pub was opening. We raced in and got a window seat - for 5 people! 

At 11am we started drinking our Guinness! It was relatively quiet until noon when the parade started. It became so packed that even I couldn't see much of the parade. The parade itself was weird. The floats had nothing to do with St Patrick!! Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs Browns Boys) was in the parade too. It had his back to us when going passed. 

We met two men (locals) that shared our table. When we told them that we were from Melbourne, the older guy told us that his daughter is living in St Kilda. Small world!! The other guy told us that the best food is along O'Connell street.

 At 5pm, after drinking 5 pints of Guinness, we left for O'Connell street (Main Street). The restaurant the Irish guy suggested was closed so we ended up having fish and chips. We bought some souvenirs at Carrolls Irish gift store and had a photo with a leprechaun. You couldn't get more Irish!

The five of us got back to the hostel and started packing our bags for the 6am bus out to the ferry!

Happy St Paddy's Day!