Day 1: Melbourne to Bangkok

We made it to the airport with ample time and we had packed leftover pizza from the night before for the flight. Of course being Jetstar, no food was provided so we had to plan ahead.

Once we had boarded our flight, there was a screaming child nearby and I had realised that I hadn't packed restavit so I knew that it would be a long flight.

I wasn't wrong. I only slept a few hours in total and I could not get comfortable. Plus, being in the aisle seat, I was getting knocked all the time from people walking by

With 3 hours remaining I started to feel really nauseated (on the verge of chucking) and then with 1 hour remaining, my headphones packed up and I could only use one earphone which made my headache worse. I really wasn't enjoying myself.

We landed safely and made our way alllllll the way down to passport control and baggage claim. It would have to be the slowest customs/baggage process I've experienced. We made a quick getaway to the taxi rank and lined up with everyone else. We previously looked at prices to the city and it was 500 baht ($20) but sneaky taxi drivers sometimes cover the Meyer and charge extra… and you don't realise until you're already driving. Our taxi cost 800 baht ($33). Along the freeway were many billboards advertising everything from watches to houses and even bidet but one billboard that was frequently used was about Buddha and how you can't get a Buddha tattoo or purchase Buddha head souvenirs as it is highly disrespectful.

We got to our hotel and as first impressions go, it was opulent. Floor to ceiling marble and a multitude of water fountains. Our room is on the 17th floor with views of the main river at our doorstep. We both took some Panadol as our heads were thumping and decided to go for some food. Jip had chilli beef and rice and I had seafood with rice noodles. All washed down with a Singapore Sling and beer. The alcohol at the hotel is the same price as the food… about $10-15 each. So why eat?!?

After a shower, we made it to bed before midnight. Hopefully we both sleep in!