Day 1: Melbourne to Honolulu

We made it to airport just as check in was about to open and then decided to relax at one of the bars within the international terminal.

It was a relatively smooth 10hr flight with one patch of turbulence. I managed to sleep 4 hours.

Jetstar is an interesting airline to fly with internationally. You don't get any food or drink (additional cost) and you don't get a pillow or blanket (again, an additional cost). Jacinta's mum kindly preprurchased a snack and breakfast for me so I was happily sipping a cup of tea and eating some muesli - I gave Jacinta my muffin as I felt bad chowing down on breakfast.

On another note, an announcement was made at the start of the flight stating as per USA orders, people who wish to use the bathroom must not congregate around the toilets, because you know, plotting a terrorist attack is a possibility!

We got to our transport to the hotel and during the journey (in peak hour traffic), we got a flat tyre and had to wait for another van to pick us up!!

At the hotel, we weren't able to check in for another 4 hours so we went for a walk along the main street and only thing open at 9am was subway. Yes, our first meal in Hawaii was subway.

Back at the hotel, we changed into our bathers and decided to go for a dip in the ocean. Only problem is the water was pretty chilly so we opted for the spa instead… Then a snooze on the beach chairs.

The beach outside the hotel is pretty amazing. There is the opportunity to paddle board, kayak or take a cruise on a catamaran.

We were all meant to be on the same floor but the check in process went a little pear shaped so Jacinta and I ended up on a higher floor.

Once we got settled in our rooms, Jacinta and I went for a walk to meet up with my Great Aunty Merilyn. Unfortunately we didn't manage to catch up (Internet dropping out, rain) so Jacinta and I went to McDonald's for a snack. You can buy 2 quarter pounders for $5 so, we did. We stopped into Sephora and I managed to buy a make up brush that I couldn't get in Melbourne and also went into an ABC store. They sell SPF100 sunscreen here!

While Jacinta and her family went for Happy Hour at the bar downstairs, I stayed in the room and had strawberry Snapple and goldfish snacks.

After Happy Hour, we weren't interested in eating at a restaurant so we got take away Asian food from the local bunch of food outlets.

To finish off the night, the hotel shower was amazing!