Day 1: Transit to KL

After arriving at the airport at 3am, finally boarded my MH146 flight to Kuala Lumpur. I managed to fit in a bit of duty free shopping but in all honesty, it isn't that much cheaper!!

I was unable to get an upgrade to business class but it didn't matter anyway, I had four seats to myself… With complimentary Sunday Age to read!! Where I am sitting (in row 31), the three entire rows in front of me were empty and every middle row from aisle 29-44 only had one person seated. Malaysia Airline has definitely lost a fair few customers.

Thankfully, on take off there was no fog like prior mornings in Melbourne so no delays!! Very smooth ride out over Coober Pedy and Darwin. The food was rather yummy but I couldn't tell you what I got.. It was either a beef stew or a lamb casserole.

It was lovely to walk out from the plane into 32 degree heat!! Boy, have I missed summer! 

KL airport is so big, you have to catch an unmanned train to the baggage terminal. The airport even has it's own rainforest (or two).

Unfortunately, my luggage was continued on to Ho Chi Minh City without someone explaining it to me. So I've been left in KL with nothing more than the clothes on my back and my iPad!

I was taken by private air-conditioned car to the hotel and on the way I noticed that everyone speeds. Technically there is a 90km/hr speed limit but we were going 120km/hr and people were flying past us! 

At the hotel, Once I finally figured out how to check-in, I was told that I had been upgraded to the ‘superior suites’ on the top level. That means a decent view of the Petronas towers and a whopping king sized bed!

I decided to walk the the Suria KLCC shopping centre which stocks all the upmarket brands including Nike, coach, Prada, Tiffany's and Harrod's. From walking through all the stores, my feet were cut to pieces… And my thongs were in my luggage that was already waiting for in Ho Chi Minh City! My first purchase was a box of band aids and a sandwich for lunch!

Next stop was the Petronas towers visit. It is the tallest twin towers in the world. The bridge that connects the two towers is 170m above ground level. At the observation deck on the 86th floor, it is 370m above ground level and the view is spectacular. 

Downstairs, they were selling corn cooked fresh for $1 AUD. There are stalls everywhere and it is delicious!! 

Some people are so helpful when I want to have my photo taken… Here is just one:

Fun fact: the KL government chose different architects for each tower.. They didn't use the same one for both! I love these towers.. At night, everything in the city is lit up, especially the Petronas towers. My view from the hotel room: isn't is stunning!!