Day 10: Abbey Road

Today we met up with Steph from our Dublin trip and caught the train out to Abbey Road. After about 20 minutes on a train, I suddenly realised that we are on the wrong line and that ‘Abbey Road’ train station is on the opposite side of London to Abbey Road. 

We caught the train back into the city and on the way, we stopped into a Travelodge hotel where Emma was going to stay after I leave and she booked a room for a few nights. 

We finally got onto the right train and found the famous crossing. 

The car in the background was tooting us during the photo!! We also wrote our names on the famous Abbey Road Studios wall and then we found a souvenir store selling Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd memorabilia. It was a fascinating store but some things were hellishly expensive! 

We caught the tube to Oxford Circus and had lunch at an Irish pub. I had this amazing Irish stew with soda bread and a side of mushy peas!! 

There was a 2 for 1 dessert offer and three of us… So we had to order 4 desserts! 

Unfortunately, the vanilla cheesecake was DREADFUL and we didn't eat it. 

After eating, we went shopping along Oxford Street and Steph took us to Primark (a cheaper version of H&M) and we went nuts… So I had to buy another bag to use as carry on. Oops. 

Back at the hostel, I had an apple and an avocado for dinner. Unfortunately, our friend Kate had to cancel our stay in Kent as she wasn't going to be home….. Another night spent at this hostel!