Day 10: Universal Studios

Early wake up call today! Up at 7.45am ready for Universal Studios! 

Our rail pass only gets us onto the ‘Japan Rail Company’ lines and unfortunately there are a lot of private companies. Therefore, we had to walk 1km to the closest JR Station which luckily took us 5 stops to Universal Studios. 

Just walking up the gate it was busy, or so I thought. We lined up to purchase tickets and of course, I had left my wallet back at the accommodation. It was fine as I had plenty of cash but, typical Cait moment! Once inside it was horrendously busy. Some rides had 2.5-3 hour waits. The longest we waited was just over an hour for a Despicable Me Minion ride. 

Our first stop was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was super dooper excited. It fulfilled every expectation and was wonderful and whimsical. The first thing we did was get a butterbeer each - its tasted like creaming soda but had a cream layer on top that gives you a white moustache! Yummy and sugar filled! 

We hopped onto a Harry Potter themed roller coaster before walking through Hogwarts Castle (all I can say is WOW) and then through some of the themed shops from the movies including the wand shop and the lolly shop. 

We had lunch at the ‘Three Broomsticks’ where we ate shepherds pie and ribs with soda bread and I had to order another butterbeer as the first one was so tasty! 

It was time to farewell Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and look through other parts of Universal Studios. Next stop was the Jurassic Park area. They had life sized dinosaurs walking around scaring little kids. We lined up fro another ride and we were placed in the last carriage which on entering, the lady ushering us had a little chortle to herself then said that we will get wet. She wasn't lying, we got drenched. Thankfully I had my iPad and phone deep in my backpack. 

We then entered the Minion Park that actually had the smell of bananas in the air when we walked in (Minions favourite food are bananas). We lined up for another ride and it was brilliant. 

We walked around and went of couple of other rides before calling it a day at 5.30pm. We were exhausted and money supplies were now dwindling. We dropped our bags off at the accommodation and then headed out (via private train line) to Dotonburi for dinner. I was adamant on eating takoyaki and okonomiyaki as they are both Osaka specialties. 

We walked about half way along the street when we came across a restaurant that did both! The food was served onto a teppan (hot grill) so your food remains hot throughout eating. It was the most delicious okonomiyaki pancake I've ever had. It had thinly sliced pork on top with bonito fish flakes and the best okonomi sauce. Takoyaki balls were also very very good. 

After dinner, we went to the Ebisu-bashi bridge for the best photographic opportunity of Dotonburi canal and Glico man- the famous running man. 

We bought ice creams whilst walking back along Dotonburi and hen boarded our train home. Exhausted!!