Day 12: Kyoto

Must have been exhausted after yesterday's adventures as we slept until 10am to the sound of rain again! Such a nuisance as we were going to visit the temples and castles today. 

I did a bit of research and found a castle close by and a market that is perfect for rainy days as it is enclosed. We grabbed some umbrellas provided by the owner and we headed in the direction of the Nishiki Market, only a 5 minute walk. The Nishiki Market dates back to 1790 and sells fresh produce and delicacies to locals, restaurants and tourists. There are also many shops along the way to keep us entertained. 

We found a nice restaurant selling traditional omelette rice. It is a dish that is literally rice with vegetables wrapped in a thin omelette and then different sauces drizzled over the top. I had the ‘number one, highly recommended’ omelette and I think I managed to eat it in 5 minutes flat. It was delicious but salty so I drank a lot of water with it! 

We had probably walked a further 1-2 minutes when we came across our first cat cafe! We had to go in!! We mingled with and had Bengal cats sit on our laps. Their markings were beautiful. We went upstairs to the Owl Cafe and interacted with beautiful owls. I did feel sorry for the owls having to be awake during the day and having to be tethered to branches. 

Throughout the shopping laneways, there were temples every so often just set back from the shop fronts. They were very popular and looked beautiful in the rain.

We both bought a couple of little things before finding yet another animal Cafe. This time it was showcasing hedgehogs! So there we were, seated at a desk with a baby hedgehog placed in front of us. He was rather cute except it was obviously pooping time as he just kept going and going! 

We found the Japanese equivalent to a $2 shop, it was called the ¥100 store and I bought a carry on bag for my overflowing luggage and we both bought large red bows for Disneyland (as we saw at Universal Studios, people dress up)

We walked down a few more streets before we realised it was 5pm thus the castle we were going to go to would be closed! We turned right at one point and walked through the fresh food produce. They had pickled and fresh fish, scallops, prawns, baby octopus, vegetables and mushrooms. I bought for $1 a cup of shaved lengths of bonito fish (dried fish usually shaved like Parmesan and used as a topping to takoyaki, okonomiyaki and other dishes. Was delicious. 

We got back to our room after walking through the never ending rain and had a few moments to rest before getting our dirty laundry and headed to the laundromat to do a load. Whilst it was washing, we found a cafe close by that sold Japanese beef curry and their version of a garlic naan bread with bacon. Not too bad for $15. By the time we finished, our laundry had just about finished before we found a local Lawsons convenience store for breakfast supplies and a chocolate drumstick for dessert. Oh and a Black Label Sapporo beer prior to sleeping!