Day 13: London to Rome

Up early once again to get to Kings Cross station and catch the tube to heathrow terminal 2. We caught the train at 7am so we could check in by 8.05am. So we were getting closer to heathrow and I kept looking a the time and there wasn't a chance that we would get to Heathrow on time. At 8.01am we arrived at Heathrow and ran and ran and ran to get to the check in gate. We made it just in time. We had to go through security very quickly and ran to the gate. Unfortunately, a few moments later, the flight was canceled due to a maintenance issue. We were escorted through security and back to the departure gate. At the service desk, people had already lined up for alternative flights. We were a fair way back so we sat on the ground. Over 2 hours later, we were seen by a Swiss Air member and managed to get on a direct flight to Rome with British Airways. We were also given an £8 food voucher as I was starving and had a full blown headache.

We got on our new flight at terminal 5 and had a pleasant journey to Rome. At Rome airport. I checked my phone and there was a message saying that because of the late change of flight, our bags were stuck in London and we wouldn't get them until tomorrow. So, we had to organise our baggage to be transferred to the hotel for the next day.

The transfer to the hotel was a private Mercedes Benz car. Our hotel is fantastic and is next to St Peter's!! It's great to have a room to ourselves and a decent shower! We were very tired at this stage so we went downstairs to the restaurant and had dinner… Spaghetti Carbonara! Yum yum! 

Another early night!