Day 14: Kyoto to Shinjuku

Our final day in Kyoto and when I opened up the curtains there was beautiful sunshine!!

One problem is that because we were checking out, we would have to carry our luggage around. We boarded our train to Kyoto and when we got to Kyoto Station we tried to find a locker to put our bags in. Well, everyone else had the same idea and there weren't any left. We even tried leaving it at the ‘Baggage Room’ but we were kindly turned away as they were full too. We eventually admitted defeat and took our suitcases with us to the biggest, most densely populated tourist attraction in Kyoto. The Fushimi Inari Gates. We got off the train and followed the many hundreds of people up the pathway to the gates. We both had to go separately to see the temple and Torii gates as we had four bags to look after. Not to mention, shade was at a premium so we had to walk up a few ramps and over gravel areas before we found an ideal spot.

Jacinta went for a look first whilst I waited. On her return, she told me which path to take so I wouldn't get lost or stuck behind the many other people. On my expedition I had to go with the crowds and it was packed. The Fushimi-Inari Taisha consists of five shrines along a wooded pathway 4km in length. It was dedicated to the gods of sake and rice and for good harvest. Along the 4km route, there are many carved stone foxes. The fox is considered a messenger from the Inari, the god of cereals.

We hopped back on the train for Kyoto and ready to board our train to Tokyo. We bought some food prior and made our way to the Shinkansen. I had my first bento box in Japan! It had a variety of prawns, chicken, rice and noodles with a Coke Zero. During our 2.5 hour journey, we both had little naps before arriving at Tokyo Central Station.

We had to change to a private subway line and get to Shinjuku Gyoen station and then it was a quick walk to the hotel. We got our room key and headed up to the forth floor. We were put in a room with a double bed. Back down to reception we went and we were kindly changed to a twin room with a lovely kitchenette and big bathroom.

We freshened up and went to central Shinjuku with the many flashing lights and restaurants. We opted for something different and had Mexican for dinner with a few margaritas (very strong ones!!). We bought some breakfast items and headed back to our room.