Day 15: Roma Roma!

Today I hassled reception very early about my luggage; at 10.30am they finally delivered my bag! The waiter in the breakfast room saw that I was relieved about retrieving my bag so he made me a cappuccino, he was so lovely. I was able to change clothes and finally throw out some shoes that had died from the Roman rain. 

We booked a hop in hop off bus tour that left from the main street opposite St. Peter's. Our first stop was the Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, 6 months ago, someone added coloured dye to the water and discoloured/stained the entire fountain. Since then, they have been cleaning and restoring it. You were able to walk along a bridge that goes over the fountain but you weren't allowed to throw a coin. 

We walked around the streets near Trevi and it was beautiful. The streets were lined with stalls and restaurants.

We hopped back onto the bus and went passed many basilica's including St. Maria, St Maria Maggiore and St. Susan. We had a ‘Skip the line’ ticket into the Roman Forum and the Colosseum and we entered straight away. 

The Roman Forum dates back to the 1st and 2nd century and it was where there were many shops and double storey houses. You can still see where the staircases and second levels were.

We walked throught the Roman Forum and went passed the Arco Di Tito but we couldn't exit to go straight to the Colosseum we had to walk all the way back around, exit the Forum and re-enter the colosseum grounds. 

The colosseum used to be able to hold 50,000 people over four storeys. The sheer size of it was incredible. 

After spending a lot of time walking around the colosseum on the different levels, we got back on the bus. This time we went on the second level of the bus and enjoyed looking around! It was warm enough to do so!

The Circo Massimo was where chariot racing occurred. It is 500 feet long and 115 feet wide.

We drove passed one of the original theatres in Rome called Teatro di Marcello.

One of the most impressive buildings in Rome is the Piazza Venezia. It consists of 20 columns up the top to represent the 20 provinces of Italy and the 2 water fountains down the bottom on either side represent the 2 sea's that surround Italy. 

We walked back to the hotel and Emma had pizza from a shop near the hotel. We went in and ordered some potato/cheese and ham/spinach pizza. I died and went to pizza heaven!

We went back to the restaurant that we were at last night and I ordered Quattro Formaggi Gnocchi and Emma had mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto and then we both had beautiful tiramisu with a cup of tea. We rolled back to the hotel and packed our bags ready for the early start tomorrow!