Day 15: Tokyo

Late rise today, we both needed it after a few alcoholic beverages in the hotel room late last night/early this morning! 

We eventually got up and ate some microwaved prepacked meals whilst overlooking Shinjuku Road. 

We walked along to Shinjuku Station and through some smaller streets before we came to a huge square of high rise buildings, flashing signs and massive tv screens.

We had a look through some of the electronic stores on the hunt for the relaunch of the 1990's toy, Tamagotchi. We were eventually successful on our quest but what was available was vastly different so we chose not to buy them. We then walked through a 4 storey Uniqlo store (the original store) and both found some nice skirts which we both fitted into!! I was expecting smaller sizes but I still managed to fit in a L. 
We boarded the train for two stops to Harajuku. A district filled with flamboyant people wearing some ridiculous clothing or having tattoos to every square inch of their face and arms. 

We walked passed a Yamaha Store specifically showcasing Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. I got a teeny tiny bit excited for the upcoming MotoGP

We walked a few metres further and came to Takeshita Street. Yes, it is spelt correctly. It a laneway filled with bazaar, kitschy gifts, gothic clothing and Harajuku Crepes. Oh, and cat cafes and fairy floss. Oh course, we visited the cat cafe for some downtime away from the crowds before getting the largest fairy floss stick known to humankind. I'm glad we shared the fairy floss, it was huge! 

At the other end of Takeshita Street, we came across the Tokyo Plaza where the entrance, designed by Architect Nakamura Hiroshi, is a hall of mirrors. That's as far as we walked into the plaza! We sat on the stairs and enjoyed the many augmented views of people crossing the roads. We were eventually told off by a police officer for sitting so we left. We came across a Lush Cosmetics store and bought some bath bombs. 

We caught the train back to Shinjuku and walked down a street called “Godzilla Street”. To got its name due to the huge Godzilla on top of the cinema at the end. On the hour, he lights up and a smoke machine makes him appear to breathe fire. Quite hilarious. 

We went to a local restaurant (ordered via vending machine again) and received a delicious dish of sliced beef with radish and ponzu sauce with rice and a side of miso soup. Very filling $10 dinner and very very tasty! 

Back at the hotel, we both had baths using our crazy, glittery bath bombs and settled in listening to music. Throughout the entire day, I was thinking of my dearest Mumma-bear and wishing I could be with her today, her 50 + a little bit birthday! But because I couldn't so I patted some cats for her!