Day 17: London to Doha

I got up at 4.30am to make sure that I wouldn't sleep in!! I said good bye to my travel buddy Emma and made my way to Kings Cross Station to get the tube to Heathrow. The station shutters were meant to open at 5am. At 5.30am, someone finally opened them so I had to fly down two escalators to get the train on time. I got off at Heathrow terminal 4 and checked in. I was stuck on an aisle seat and I hate aisle seats. 

When boarding the plane I noticed that it wasn't an Airbus. It was a shame as an Airbus is so quiet! Although I had an aisle seat, I was in the emergency exit seat so I had endless leg room! 

It was a turbulent flight to Doha but I managed to sleep 4 hours out of 7. 

At Doha airport, the queue to get through security took over 30 minutes. I jumped in the shorter queue for ‘families’ and this Scottish fellow and I pretended that we were cousins!! To get into qatar, there is a visa fee of $35 Australian on eftpos… Which they don't tell you about. The officials ask for your credit card and charge it to your account without telling you the price or what they are doing with your card. I wouldn't hand mine over that easily… So I started to ask questions and although the offical was getting annoyed with me, I felt safer doing it that way. I grabbed my bag and finally met my dad on the other side. Our hotel offical ushered us to a taxi with another guest and we went to the hotel. Our hotel room is very spacious with two king single beds and ultra fluffy pillows. One downside to the room is the hot water takes a minimum 5 minutes to heat up. 

We had dinner down at the hotel restaurant and it was the first time I'd had a salad in over 2 weeks! It was fantastic!!