Day 18: Qatar MotoGP

Slept in until 9.30!! Got dressed and we walked to the main shopping centre. I exchanged some US dollars into Qatari Riyal (I was told in Australia that they accept USD but they don't). I looked in some stores for a pair of flat ballet shoes but the biggest size was 41 and I'm a 43.

We managed to flag down a taxi and we traveled to Katara Cultural Centre and Market. They have clay pigeon houses that the pigeons use to poop in and then the poop is collected and used for fertiliser.

We got a free shuttle golf buggy to the markets, which were in the opposite direction to where the taxi dropped us off!

In the air conditioned market, they sold spices, carpets, perfumes and cheap (fake) jewellery. I bought some chocolate covered almonds and dad bought a new leather wallet.

We couldn't see any taxis coming passed the market so we walked to the St Regis hotel and a ‘private’ taxi pulled up. Dad explained that we want to get the Losail Circuit and the driver said he would take us there for 70 QR (Qatari Riyal). I said we will pay 50 QR and he accepted. We got to the track and asked if he would drive us back later that night, he agreed to do it for 100 QR.

At the track, nothing was open. There was one burger shack setting up, the coffee place was deserted and merchandise was closed for another 2-2.5 hours! We decided to choose some seats that provided us with the best view of the main straight and around some of the corners. The seats we chose were right at the start line and where the podium is!

Finally the burger place opened and I got us some burgers and Pepsi. I don't know if we were just super hungry but the burgers were great.

The merchandise opened at 4pm and dad bought some ear plugs and a shirt and I bought two shirts.

The ear plugs were fantastic at blocking out the noise as all the races reverberated off the grand stands. The moto3 race was very close, any rider in the top 6 could have won.

The moto2 race looked like first, second and third were going to stay the same the entire race until the last 3 laps, the leader had a mechanical issue and finished 8th. In the motogp race, Marc Marquez had a terrible start and was coming last. He eventually got up to 5th. The great Valentino Rossi won!! It was fantastic!

We got into our ‘cab’ and it took us 40 minutes to get out of the car park. By the time we got back to the hotel, I was exhausted and went straight to bed.