Day 18: Shinjuku to Tokyo Central

Today was our final transit day before we head back to Melbourne. 

Our hotel check out was 12 noon so we had another sleep in, packed everything loosely and traveled across town to the Ginza area near Tokyo Central Station. 

Tokyo Central train station is busy but it appears to be controlled chaos. Everyone seems to know exactly where they are going and then there are the tourists standing in the middle of walkways with confused looks on their faces! 

It was only a brief 5 minute walk to the hotel but check in was 3pm so we left our bags before heading back to the department store Daimaru at the train station. We had a walk around before finding another Pokemon Centre and smaller shops selling kitschy items.

We had lunch at a relaxed, slightly Western style restaurant where we had our first pretty average meal. Jacinta had lamb chops and I had the overly salty ginger pork. 

We walked around for a bit longer before heading back to the hotel to finally check in. 

We both had showers because it was such a muggy day, we were clammy and then made our way downstairs to do a load of washing and get some food. We found a soba/udon restaurant close by that required ordering from a vending machine again! I have noticed that restaurants in the CBD of Tokyo have designated standing areas for the busy business men wanting a quick feed. There is even a sushi train restaurant that is standing only! I couldn't eat there as I like to sit and enjoy my food!

While our washing was drying (it required two dryers as we had a lot of stuff.. well I did) I walked to the nearby overpass on the highway and took some GoPro footage before settling in to the double beds for the evening! Ps- Qantas pj's shrink a lot in the dryer!