Day 19: Disneyland

Early rise before heading to Disneyland. For breakfast I had some yummy tuna rice balls and yoghurt (rice ball count: 21). We both put on our makeup that was Snow White inspired with matching bows. Unfortunately, it was terrible with pouring rain.

When we got to Disneyland, we both bought ponchos before venturing to the sites. It truly is the most magical place on earth. Being a wet day, there weren't any lines for the rides so we were able to experience a few more than Universal Studios. The longest wait was 30minutes and happened once out of seven rides! They were spectacular, the lighting, props and storyline really fitted with the attraction. 

At 3pm we were starting to get hungry so we stopped for some pork, tofu and noodles at one particular counter and when we sat down, we soon realised how tired we actually were. Our runners were soaked, our feet were cold, our jackets were soaked but our spirits were still high. 

We went to the looney toons sections and then we saw the “Mickey Mouse Halloween Special” parade. The Japanese really do love their Halloween!

At 5.30pm when it was starting to get dark, we decided to leave. We were tired, wet through and spent a little too much money, once again. 

When we got back to our room, we peeled our socks off and went for a quick bite. We found this amazing restaurant serving delicious food. I had the eggplant (as a side dish) with some slow cooked, Chinese Five Spice inspired pork belly with bok choy. I finished the night with a hot bath and a couple of Midori with lemonades.