Day 2: Bangkok City Centre

Woke up with an insane headache. Took some aspirin and tried to make it better.

It didn't go away so we eventually headed out at 9.30 in search of food.

7/11 didn't have anything fantastic but we found a street market that sold an array of things. We found a bakery stall that had the freshest of fresh bread with Frankfurt's in it. It was delicious!!!!!!

We got on our free shuttle boat across the river to the other side that docked at a train station. As we were getting off the boat, a lady started talking with us and she recognised us from yesterday. She works at the hotel. She made us a little map of things we must see/do and said that if we get a tuktuk on a Sunday, it's half the price as during the week; 70 baht per hour ($3). This lady explained to the tuktuk driver what we wanted to do and he took us on a wild adventure! First stop was the custom made clothing store. Jip and I got fitted for some blazers/coats/dresses/shirts and although it cost us a bit, it should be worth it. Tomorrow, the store owner is going to collect us from our hotel and take us to our fitting to make sure the clothing fits. 

Back to our tuktuk we went on another whirlwind ride and ended up at a tourist information Centre that is meant to be AT LEAST half the price of booking tours at the hotel. We have now organised tours for tomorrow and Tuesday and they are going to get us from our hotel - our hotel is on the opposite side to most of the other hotels and they usually don't do pick ups from our side but we must be lucky this time!

Our third stop was at a souvenir store and lastly at the MBK shopping mall that was amazing. Full of Thai souvenirs, food, clothing and technology bits. After a few hours spending even more money, we got the SkyTrain to the Victory Monument. It was built in 1941 to commemorate the Thai victory in the Franco-Thai war. It was wonderful to see something other than the usual tourist spots. The monument is in the middle of a roundabout and surrounding it were tiny stalls selling shoes, clothing and food.

We got back in the train and finally got back to the hotel at 5pm. We headed to the pool and drank some cocktails. We went along the waterfront to a night market and had a main meal each as well as a soft drink each…. And it cost us $4.5 in total!!

We did at 7/11 and got some beers before heading back to our room to drink further and have an early night. We have a rooftop bar at the hotel so we went to the photos… Lightning everywhere!