Day 2: Malaysia to Vietnam

After sleeping 10 hours in a king sized bed, I woke up refreshed and ready to face the hustle and bustle of KL. I had breakfast at the hotel (free food so why not!) and I tried to keep it authentic.. Instead of going for the typical baked beans or eggs on toast, I opted for Malaysian pastries with coconut jam. Pretty decent.

I didn't get a chance to have a proper walk around the city last night as my feet were killing me so now was the perfect chance to. But! I completely forgot that on Mondays, everything is shut the entire day or opens late, 10am. I wasn't complaining as it's air conditioned inside. I found a bench that was free and sat cross-legged… Well, as I was swiftly informed, you aren't allowed to do that… Oops. 

As soon as it's bang on 10am, the crowds rush in..

I found a nifty little stall that sold everything leather at a really cheap price. They had key rings and wallets in different shapes to depict animals and flowers - was very creative!

Before I knew it, I had to go back to the hotel and pack to leave…I didn't have to pack much seeing as though I didn't have a suitcase! Out the front was my private taxi back to the airport. The driver, Kamu thought it was very humerous that I didn't have any luggage! 

The main foyer in the airport is made of glass and because it gets so hot, they have sails inside to cover reception desks.

After a two hour wait at the terminal, I boarded my MH758 flight to Ho Chi Minh City and it was yet another less than half full flight.

Quite turbulent landing in Ho Chi Minh city and it had been raining so it was very steamy. I was reunited with my luggage and off I went to the taxi rank. 

The guy approached me with his taxi license and said he was with Vinasun taxis (the most trusted company in Vietnam) and escorted me back to his ‘cab’. I quickly figured out that he was a fake, so I grabbed my bag off him and walked very quickly back to the airport entrance. I then lined up for a legitimate taxi to the hotel. 

HOLEY GUACAMOLE is the traffic insane. Scooters darting in and out of taxis and taxis darting in and out of buses. It is best to just look in to the distance and hope the hotel is fast approaching. 

I arrived at the hotel and was taken to my room to meet my roommate. It's nice to have someone else from Melbourne!! 

We met all the others in the trip - 22 of us. Some of the group have been to Laos and Cambodia prior to doing the Vietnam leg. Our tour guide, James is from the Gold Coast and is very knowledgable about everything and provided us with some tips and tricks while in Ho Chi Minh City. For example, women should not carry handbags or any personal belongings in their hands due to the locals pick pocketing on scooters. After our debriefing, we all headed to an outdoor restaurant called ‘Barbeque Garden’. Each table has an inbuilt stove top where you cook your own meats. I ordered the lemongrass chicken, steamed rice and drank two beers. In total, my meal cost $6.75 AUD. The restaurant was in a superb location with pretty fairy lights hanging off all the trees.

It was one of the girls birthday today so our tour guide, James, had a surprise for her: a cake on top of a huge fake cake. We all had a slice of cake and it was pretty bland for a chocolate cake! 

After dinner, we split into two groups-some went to the exclusive skybar while the rest of us had a quiet drink at a local place and we just got chatting. 

Emma (my roommate) and I headed back to our room at 11.30pm as we have to be up at 6.30am for a long day ahead!!