Day 2: Palace in Paradise

I managed to wake around 8am but Jacinta was still fast asleep until 10am. We ate our breakfast of fruit, granola and yoghurt before meeting the others at 11am. It was a short walk to the bus stop where we had to get our free ‘trolley’ ride into downtown Honolulu. Little did we know, the trolley comes hourly so we had to wait until noon before the next one; thankfully the weather was brilliant today! 

Once we were on the trolley, it was a guided tour along the canal to our destination. The tour guide spoke of Hawaii being a very uninhabitable place to live back in the day. This was due to the heavy rains coming from the hills and flooding the lower ground areas near the canals. 

He also told us that when Captain Cook landed in Honolulu, he was unable to pronounce people's names and streets and similarly, the Hawaiians weren't able to pronounce his ship Britannia correctly; the called it ‘Beretania’ and it is still used to this day!

We made it to Iolani palace, where the original monarchy resided. It's a beautiful building that has celebrated gatherings, Kings and queens being appointed to the thrown and funerals. King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani were the main occupants in the 19th century. 

After the Kings sudden death in mainland USA, his body was returned via ship to the main port. The ship was covered in black sheets so everyone could identify that the king had died. After his death, the queen was imprisoned in one of the main bedrooms for 8 months. In that time, she made a quilt which states ‘imprisoned 1895’. 

After the palace we went to find somewhere to eat. We managed to find a cute little burger place and bought burgers for $4 (or there abouts). We walked back passed the palace and ended up at the statue of king in front of the supreme courts. We did a mini tour in the supreme courts and learnt that in Hawaiian law, if a man and a women live together, they are technically married. If one of the people in the household go and live with another person of the opposite sex, it is considered a crime. 

We got our trolley ride back to the hotel and Jacinta and I went for another walk along the main road. We found ‘Longs Drugs’ and we picked up a couple of things. We freshened up in the hotel and met with the others before dinner. It was decided that we would go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Only problem was there was an over an hour wait. Jacintas dad recommended that we try another place. At this new restaurant, I ordered the volcano nachos and trust me, they were like a volcano! Even with everyone helping, I could not finish it! 

We stopped off at the Cheesecake Factory after dinner and it was still busy. We ordered cheesecake takeaway and ended up eating in the room. (Original, lemon meringue, toasted marshmallow smores, white chocolate raspberry truffle and fresh strawberry cheesecake!!)  After eating my nachos and part of the cheesecake, I began to feel really nauseated so I called it a night and retired to my hotel room.