Day 2: Tokyo to Sapporo

After going to bed at 1.30am, I was awake at 7am ready to start a full day in Japan! Jacinta had other ideas and wanted a bit of a sleep in as she didn't sleep much on the flight over.

At 10am, we got ready, ate our ‘convenience store breakfast’ that was purchased yesterday and made our way downstairs. This time, we were prepared and knew exactly how to get to the airport. We caught the train to TCAT and hopped on our shuttle bus to Narita Airport. It was fantastic to see Tokyo during the daytime. We had arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in and grab some food.

I was reminded that it was “World Dumpling Day” so naturally I was drawn to the 15 gyoza's for ¥560. They were delicious. Jacinta had the best looking teriyaki chicken but was interrupted… Whilst eating, an announcement came over and in a very thick, Japanese accent, I was called back to baggage - I'm actually pretty lucky I understood her mispronunciation of Treloar-Ward . Supposedly my spare GoPro battery was an issue in my checked baggage so I had to transfer it to my carry on although we aren't allowed spare batteries in anything other than checked baggage (but my aerosol deodorant I had just purchased was okay in checked baggage, figure that one out!)

We finally boarded our Jetstar flight to Sapporo. By the time we landed, it was sunset.

I went to the bathroom prior to collecting my checked baggage and the toilets are that advanced, it plays a tune of birds chirping and running water as soon as you sit down!

Once outside the terminal, we caught our express train into Sapporo, it was already dark. The train stations in Japan are all ‘not suitcase friendly’ and requires us to walk up two to three flights at any one time. It was easy to find our hotel and we were greeted with hot mulled apple cider on arrival.

Our room is beautiful, ample space and amenities. It was only a quick drop off of bags before we went to the famous ramen yokocho. We had miso ramen with sweet corn and shiitake mushrooms doused in Hokkaido's famous butter. It made the dish so buttery and delicious - of course, I ate the entire thing.

After eating we thought that a walk was needed to get the digestive systems moving. The city is filled with many flashing signs and buskers with guitars; it is absolutely wonderful.

On the way back to the hotel, we came across a croissant shop that makes fish shaped croissants filled with custards, chocolate, Sakura and red bean. The business men in the store recommended that we get the red bean one (it didn't take much convincing) and they were on the money. It was delicious, sweet, buttery goodness!

We stopped off at a convenience store for some snacks for tomorrow and then headed to our hotel rooftop bar for some hot mulled red wine and vodka sunrises. With blankets, fire pit and music we relaxed for a while.

Back in the room, I cracked open some Hokkaido Camembert (the island of Hokkaido is known for its dairy) and a 9% alcoholic premixed vodka lemon! Off to bed.