Day 20: MotoGP

Today was a long day. Up at 5.30am to walk to Tokyo Central train station for the 6.12am bullet train to Utsunomiya. 

We packed breakfast to eat whilst traveling and caught the correct train. After eating some more rice balls (total: 23), yoghurt and some juice, I had a brief nap until I was woken up by Jacinta saying that we were nearly there. Once we disembarked, we got on the designated bus to the track. The bus was filled with all sort of people, including one fellow from the UK that was non-stop talking and telling this poor couple from Sydney every track he had been to and ‘one-upping’ everything they said. Thankfully Jacinta and I both had earphones so we could drown him out with music. Overly loud music.

90 minutes later, we were in Motegi. A small country town that I could compare to Warrandyte. Very beautiful surroundings and quiet. I couldn't believe that there was a race track up in the small hilly range just on the outskirts of the town. 

I was beyond excited. I was actually jumping around like a goat when we got the tickets. Thankfully the grandstand is all reserved seating so we were able to have a quick look around the hospitality paddock and I may have spent a small fortune on bits and bobs including a hilarious ‘MotoGP ticket holder’ lanyard!

Our seats were in the grandstand at the end of the main straight so we could see the bikes completing the last few corners as well the entire main straight. We were surrounded by people from all different nations. Spanish in front, Germans behind and the odd American here and there.

The rain was very misty and quite heavy at times so I was glad that we had the ponchos from Disneyland with us! We had a spot on view of a particular corner that a lot of riders fell off at - it must have been very slippery! Towards the end of the day, the rain was easing so we could take the hoods off. It was a pleasure watching my favourite riders from all three classes race. Jacinta was getting involved with it too! Marc Marquez is third on the grid for tomorrow and Valentino Rossi is unfortunately 12th (he had a fall early in practice and I think he was a bit sore with his broken leg). 

Back through the paddock, we came across a few of the manufacturers tents and you were allowed to sit on the bikes. At Phillip island the general public aren't allowed to get close to them! Maybe someday I'll own this 250cc KTM… I do look good on it - especially wearing a Yamaha jacket! 

We headed for the bus stop back to Utsunomiya and joined the long queue. We managed to get on the second bus with a bunch of Aussie guys from Cairns and made our way back- they have fold out seats in the walkway on buses to squeeze more people on for long journeys. 

It was nice to discuss bike politics and strategies with the guys. On the bullet train it was packed so Jacinta squeezed into a seat and I stood for the 50 minute journey back. 

We got take out and ate in bed. Earliest night we've had thus far!