Day 21: MotoGP Race Day

Utterly exhausted after today. 

Up at 5am, went to get food from the local Lawson's only to find they hadn't received stock of the day so I ended up getting some ham and cheese swirly bread. 

We caught the early shinkansen in the event that it would be busy at Utsunomiya and we were right. There was a line and the first bus was already full so we had to wait another 15 minutes before the next one arrived. It was a 2 hour journey from Utsunomiya to the racetrack as the traffic was starting to build. 

Once at the track it rained. Ponchos were out early. We went to the Honda tent where they had a replica Marc Marquez bike set up on a 60 degree angle and it was difficult to get onto it to make it look like we were racing . I wonder what the riders must be feeling.

We got a quick bite to eat before heading to our seats. I didn't move the entire day as every time you had to stand up, water would run down the poncho into your soaked shoes and made you feel even more miserable out in the elements. I pulled out my second pair of socks too early and they ended up drenched too. 

The racing was brilliant. For such a wet race I am surprised the majority of the riders stayed on their bikes. Unfortunately Valentino Rossi fell off early but it was good to see Andrea Dovizioso win instead. After finally moving from my seat after 5-6 hours, my feet were numb and I was getting hungry. 

We joined the massively long queue to get onto a bus and we happened to see our friends from Cairns from yesterday miles ahead of us. They asked us to join them so we got on the bus pretty quickly and got back to Tokyo by 6.45pm. Tokyo CBD is all closed on a Sunday night. We had to walk a few more blocks passed our hotel to eventually find something open and relatively inexpensive. We both had udon with beef and I had tempura vegetables on the side. 

In bed early and excited for a sleep in.