Day 22: Shopping and massages

Slept over 11 hours!! Pity the rain remained, it has been constant for four days. We leisurely had breakfast (rice ball count: 26) and then made our way to the department store complex in the search for a massage. 

We were advised by our Cairns mates that department stores have massage chairs set up so people literally sit in them for hours. We liked the sound of that! 

We went up to the 11th floor (of 13) and they had free wine tasting from every possible region. France, Italy, Greece, Australia and New Zealand were on offer. The gentleman showcasing the Australian and New Zealand wines was from Coldstream and had lived in Tokyo for 9 years. They wines were great but unfortunately, couldn't possibly fit them into my luggage. 

We had lunch on the 12th floor at a Japanese Buffet with many seafood and fresh options. We both got stuck into the vegetables/salads as well as fitting in a few seafood options.

Our hunt for massage chairs had ended unsuccessfully but, there was a massage parlour on the 12th floor which offered full body massages for a reasonable price. It was lovely feeling completely relaxed. 

We returned back to our room before I put on another load of washing and we headed to the local soba noodle restaurant for a tasty dinner. It was still raining.