Day 3: Floating Market

Today we were up at 6.30am to be ready at 7.10am for our bus. We are very lucky to be getting picked up from the hotel as we are on the opposite side of the river to most of the hotels.

Our tour guide picked us up in a HiAce van and drove us 1.5hrs to the famous floating market. It was great to drive outside of the city and see rice fields and coconut and banana plantations.

At the floating market, we were taken just outside of the area and hopped onto a long boat and sped through the small waterways to the market. 
We were then led to another boat that took us for a 30 minute ride through a lot of stalls. We weren't really interested in cheap souvenirs but I bought fresh mango from a lady in the middle of the waterway. It was delicious and perfect for such a muggy day. It was so muggy that I had sweat in my hair and down my arms and legs.

Once we got back on dry land we found more unique stalls and some even had snakes and small cute fuzzy creatures that you could have photos with. We declined the offers and decided to head back to the meeting point.

At the meeting point, we were told that we were going to an elephant Camp. I had said yesterday that I didn't want to do that section and go back to the city (as a half day tour) but, supposedly that doesn't happen and we ended up at the elephant Camp. Jip and I both hated it. As soon as we walked in there were two very young elephants chained in a small pen swaying back and forth. Beyond that they had a tiger changed to a faux rock. At this stage I began to cry. Jip could see I was distressed and took me to the cafe on site (as we weren't allowed to depart for a further 20mins) so we shared a long neck beer.

Finally on the bus we headed back to the hotel and jumped in the pool. Whilst in the pool it began to rain heavily! It cooled down the air very quickly. We showered and were met in the lobby by one of the tailors from the store who took us back for our fitting before we get our clothing on Wednesday. It was great to make adjustments on our beautiful clothing!

At this stage it was close to 6.45pm and we found a street that had little restaurants that were cheap! We shared a Pad Thai and Jip had pork and rice and I had a beautiful chicken dish in a coconut and lemongrass broth. We jumped in a tuktuk back to the river and then our free shuttle boat to the hotel.

We had bought some fresh dragonfruit, lychees and some unknown fruit that we had for dessert. Early night as we have to be up at 5am!