Day 3: Madame Tussauds

After going to bed really early last night, I was up at 5am.

For some reason, the hotel staff wouldn't let Emma get breakfast downstairs so I sneaked toast up to our room and we sat and had it with Vegemite!!

We got ready quickly and headed to the underground to get to Baker street. Because we got up early, we made it to Madame Tussaud's by 9am and beat the cues.

It was a magical world once we got in!! My favourite actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig were only a couple of wax figures out of about 30-40.

It wasn't just a wax museum, they also had a little dual carriages in the shape of taxis that take you around this exhibition that tells you the history of London (Londonium). It was well worth the trip there. We had so much fun. Even my mascot ‘Ted’ met Sean Connery

We hopped back on the train and got off at Piccadilly Circus. It was so busy when we made it to ground level. Plus, it's only 8 degrees so we quickly had a look around and headed straight for the closest pub.

Inside it was also packed but we managed to find a little table. It was only noon by this stage but we were hungry. We ordered “Steak and Ale” pies with mash and peas. Yummy.

We mustered up the courage to go back out into the cold and we started our walk along Regent Street where a lot of the expensive brands are. We stumbled on Hamleys, a 250 year old toy company that makes high quality toys.. Emma and I couldn't resist buying a couple of things! We then made it to Oxford Street which was even busier but such an amazing site to see all these red double decker buses whizzing passed. We had to have a little sit down.

At the hotel, we went to the contiki office and found out that we had a meeting at 6pm. No one had informed us that we had it! It was just a quick meeting about documents, times for tomorrow and how much to pack.

Another early night as we rise at 5am!

Things that I've noticed over the last three days:

  • never find a bin on the sidewalk
  • people never say excuse me or thank you
  • the underground metro system is hellishly expensive
  • pigeons are everywhere
  • besides capsicum, tomatoes, potatoes, peas and cucumber, I haven't seen any other vegetables.
  • ice cream is cheap (because why would you buy ice cream when it's 8 degrees)
  • coronas are cheap at pubs

-chocolate is amazing