Day 3: Shopping

After receiving our wake up call from Michelle, we had 40 minutes to chow down some food, shower and meet in the lobby. This was easier said than done as I also had to get cash out to pay for the bus! 

The ATMs dispense $20 notes and I needed $1 notes so I had to purchase something to then get the change! Our double decker bus arrived quite quickly and we sat up the top at the front. It took 30 minutes to get to Ala Moana from the hotel due to roadworks around Fort DeRussy. 

Once we arrived at the shopping centre, it has definitely expanded since I last visited. It had every possible big name brand; Chanel, Burberry, Cartier, Bloomingdales and Macy's. Jacinta and I spent a lot of time in Pandora and Victoria's Secret before meeting the others for lunch. The food court was enormous, selling every possible cuisine. I had seared fresh tuna with brown rice for $12. 

After lunch, Jacinta and I continued to navigate our way around centre. There was a store exclusively selling pet Hawaiian shirts and shoes, a store dedicated to Hawaiian quilting and a stall for ‘make your own flip flops’ with different colours and attachments to the straps. Soon enough, we got tired and decided to head back to the bus stop. On the way, we passed a Cinnabon store so I couldn't resist in buying a big, warmed, sugary cinnamon bun with frosting. It disgustingly delicious. 

Back at the hotel, we changed into our bathers and headed to the beach. The water still wasn't as warm as we hoped for but it was still worthwhile. We retired to the spa to warm up. 

After a quick shower, it was happy hour in the bar. Cranberry, pineapple and vodka for $6 was the poison of choice followed by the ‘Tropical Itch’ which had a backscratcher in the drink. 

We got a bit peckish and went to the big open food area where every man and his dog were! Most of us ordered Chinese with loads of veges. In bed by 9pm.