Day 4: London to Dublin

Up at 5am wasn't a struggle at all as we were excited about the day ahead! 

We were on the bus and left at 6.45am

We had a stop along the way to Wales in a town called Keele. All of us were hungry by this stage so we got burgers and chips from Burger King. I also managed to find a fruit stall so I bought two bananas. Back in the bus, I had a 30 minute snooze and when I woke up, we were in Wales! All the town names were insane! They we're at least 10 letters long and may contain one vowel. 

The ferry ride was very enjoyable. There were Chesterfield lounges that we sat in to make our ride more enjoyable. I suffered a little bit of motion sickness at the start but after a brief walk, I felt okay. After three hours we finally made it to Ireland! 

The weather is colder, the sun doesn't shine and the wind is icy but…. I LOVE THIS PLACE!! 

Our bus drove past central Dublin and it looked like it was in full swing. There were flags, balloons and streamers. The people walking the streets had green hats/wigs and St Paddys tshirts.

We got to our hostel (which is opposite the Jameson Whiskey House) and found out that Emma and I would be sharing with 4 other Australian girls and we have our own ensuite! 

After dropping our bags off, Emma and I went and had dinner opposite the hostel at ‘Oscars’. I ordered the fish and chips purely because it came with mushy peas. Mushy peas are awesome!!! The fish was mediocre. White chocolate mousse for dessert was definitely a highlight. We went back to the hostel, showered and hoped into bed. Tomorrow is a big day!