Day 4: Nha Trang

Another early start and a hectic schedule. Ate breakfast at the hotel then changed into bathers. Piled into a mini bus which took is to the docks to board our boat…. SNORKELING!! 

This rickety old fishing boat awaited. On board, we wore life jackets until we were out of the main bay. Our boat tour leader was Bin, he loved to crack a joke or two. With music on the boat at a reasonably loud volume and ice cold beer in our hands, we were off cruising. Over half an hour had passed and we arrived at Nha Trang Island. We were supplied with snorkels and beach towels and headed into the water. The beach wasn't a proper beach, it was rocks and in this heat they were ‘hot rocks’!! But, once in the water they became slimy rocks .. So we crawled lady like to deeper water. Underneath the surface was incredible. Tonnes of fish and coral. Clown fish, parrotfish and many others crunching on coral. 

After our two hour swim, we headed back to the boat and met up with two other boats in the middle of the bay. We set up lunch, because pork and I don't have a loving relationship, I was placed up the ‘vegetarian’ end of the table but the food proved to be just as edible as the rest! Once finished, we were ushered on to the next boat for the Vietnamese boy band, which consisted of all the boat owners playing instruments.. Guitar, bass, drums and singer. We were asked what countries we were all from, one of the Australian guys ended up at the front singing ‘Land down under’. Hilarious. Our Korean girl on the trip did Gangnam Style, boy was she an expert!! Once all the singing stopped, we went our separate ways and climbed on our boat. Climbed (and literally climbed) the ladder to the boat roof… And jumped off! Just a tip, block your nose… 

In the water, we were greeted by rubber rings to float on and a floating bar with FREE cocktails! 

Back on shore, it was starting become apparent my sunscreen was as useless as tits on a bull. My pink glow turned into a steamy fire engine red across my entire back, down both arms, along my chest and face. My sunburn would be able to melt polar ice caps. Within an hour, I was uncontrollably shaking. It was getting serious. Emma was so concerned.. But in typical fashion, I denied her help. 5 bottles of water later and some paracetamol I was a lot more relaxed but unable to lay down! 

I missed dinner but had my own fun chatting to friends back home and cranking the air-con on!