Day 4: Walks and Food

With the helicopter crash at Pearl Harbour yesterday, the ferry out to USS Arizona was closed. The park was still open but Jacinta and I decided not to go with the others and have a sleep in. 

We casually got up around 9.30am, ate breakfast and set out on a walk. We walked to this big park near the base of Diamond Head. 

We then walked along the waters edge passed the Honolulu zoo and the aquarium. In Hawaii, there aren't any seagulls but there are lots of sparrows and pigeons. I must admit, they are nicer to have around!

Along the way, we walked passed a war memorial but, there wasn't any information about it. It just had a plaque stating when it was restored. 

We found a pier to walk along and it's amazing how many fish and coral reefs there are just off the shore. There were crabs scurrying along the rocks. It made it hard to believe that we were in a main city! 

During our walk, we decided that we were getting hungry so we headed straight to the Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant had only been open an hour and we already had to queue to get a table. Thankfully it was only a five minute wait! 

Jacinta has the most amazing Shepherds pie and I opted for the grilled fish tacos with rice. It was nice to have something non greasy or fried!

To complete the meal, we had to have cheesecake! Red velvet cheesecake! It was absolutely amazing

We got back to the room, changed into our bathers and headed for the beach. The ocean was relatively cold so Jacinta and I decided that the spa was the best place. An hour or so later, we had showers, relaxed for a little while and met the others downstairs to book tomorrow's adventures. 

At dinner time, I suggested that we try this local ribs and steakhouse. It was only a 15 minute walk and by the time we arrived, we were hungry. I had the original ribs and the meat was just falling off the bone! 

After seeing of the fireworks at the Hilton, we got back to our rooms and fell into our food comas.