Day 5: Bangkok Temples

We got a taxi to the grand palace in central Bangkok. It is the most spiritual and holy place in the Kingdom…. Also the most expensive ten fold.

The sun was beaming down and it was 40 degrees. We had applied ample sunscreen (half a squeeze bottle) but by the time we had entered, the sunscreen was pooling on our necks and legs. On entry, you first walk into the area that houses the Jade Buddha. He is housed in an opulent, sparkling hall but he himself is only 2-3 feet in height. In some temples, you're allowed to take photos but you must kneel before Buddha. In this particular temple, photos were prohibited.

After looking at the many temples surrounding the Jade hall, we made our way to the grand palace. It's a French style palaces with Thai temple roof caps.

After the palace, we found the “tourist police” centre. They are pretty much security guards that try and stop pick pocketers. One of them helped us find somewhere for lunch and gave us a tuktuk driver for a couple of hours to go to other temples.

After lunch we went to a 32 metre tall Buddha but unfortunately he was covered in scaffolding as he was being repaired. Our next stop was a gem wholesaler and silk place (our tuktuk driver told us that if we visited these places on this particular day, he gets a free tank of fuel) and lastly, we went to the lucky Buddha. He was covered in gold.

Back at the hotel, we had a swim, cocktail and shower before making our way to the market next door for some dinner. We did some shopping for food (for the flight) and eventually got to the rooftop bar for ONE drink…. It came in a vase and served four!!

We went back the room and had some potato crisps before packing (our handmade clothing arrived!) And going to sleep at midnight.