Day 5: Death

Today in Nha Trang, everyone got up early and went for breakfast while I died in my room. Emma was a fantastic room mate, she applied moisteriser on my back while I groaned in pain. I felt so nauseous too. 

We hopped into our bus which took us to the airport to catch our flight to Da Nang. I wasn't well at all so I slept the majority of the way. The flight was only 45 minutes and on arrival to Da Nang it was another 30km drive to Hoi An. In Hoi An, because it is a UNESCO protected area, we weren't allowed to get a bus into the village. The bus driver had to pull over and we all hopped into a van which took us across the river. The roads are so narrow only one car and a couple of scooters could drive abreast.
I still wasn't feeling great so while everyone was on a bicycle tour of Hoi An, I slept in my air-conditioned room for a few hours. On a positive note, I have managed to get all my money back from my dodgy visa!!!! 

The shower in Hoi An (and Vietnam in General) are so low… They are not made for tall tourists!! 

We all went for dinner at a restaurant called ‘Green Chilli’. We had our own room and ordered a few drinks. The passion fruit juice is amazing! At this stage, I started to over heat so James, the tour leader, managed to get a table downstairs with a huge fan blowing on me… I struggled to eat much of my meal.. But I'm glad that I was able to keep it down! 

After eating, everyone wanted to go to the bar down the road, I was adamant on heading back to the hotel so the head chef of the restaurant, Nando, drove me on the back of his scooter to a pharmacy to get some anti-nausea medications and some anti-histamines.. Then he drove me back to the hotel. He was so friendly and gave me his contact details in case I got any worse. Off to bed I went. Emma came back a short while after and we both slept the entire night!