Day 5: Freezing Dublin

I didn't sleep much last night… The others in the room kept me awake so I was awake from 4.30am. At 6.30am, I tried to get ready as 6 girls in one room with one bathroom was going to take a while. I was swiftly instructed to stay in bed. At 7am (with the permission of the QLD girls) I started to get ready to then have breaky downstairs. From a distance, the breakfast appeared yummy; hard boiled eggs, sourdough, tomato and cheese. On closer inspection. The hard boiled eggs were stone cold and over cooked, the sourdough bread looked like it had given up on life and we didn't have knives or forks… I was attempting to butter a bread roll using a dessert spoon.

At 8am we went on our walking tour and it wasn't as cold as expected outside. We walked to the church of Ireland, St Patrick's Church, Trinity College, down the main Street and to the GPO.

(St Patrick's Cathedral 13-14th Century)

The GPO has historical importance as it was the place that was struck with bullets during the 1916 rising and the events that led to the creation of an independent Irish state. The Irish refused to have a new façade put up so as to remind the public never to experience those terrible times again.

We had some free time so a few of went shopping for St Paddys stuff…

We then jumped back on our bus and headed straight for the Guinness Brewery!

It is a 6 storey building that tells you about the ingredients, how they form the ‘black gold’, the tasting hall, different types of Guinness (Indian Porter Beer, original and special export).

I quite enjoyed the Indian porter beer…

The original wasn't bad but I couldn't drink an entire pint! At the top of the brewery is a viewing bar that is the highest building in Dublin and you can see all the buildings. I had an

Guinness Irish stew. Delicious

After the Guinness Brewery, we headed back to the hostel prior to our Irish House Party!

The Irish house party was a band that played the fiddle, harp and guitar. Also had Irish dancing. It was an enjoyable performance.

We went back to the hostel and got ready for our walk to the Temple Bar district.

The pub we went to - ‘Storehouse’ put on a fantastic selection of Irish stews, casseroles, cottage pies and Irish Guinness burgers. All were washed down with another pint of Guinness.

Because we had a table of 5 people, we were lugged with a 10% service fee.. I understand we have to tip here but to have a service fee too was a bit much! We walked back along temple bar and bought some souvenirs until a couple of us came to the conclusion that we were knackered and decided to head back.

Gaelic translations I learnt today:

Ishka Baha - whiskey

Pon ma horn- kiss my ass

Things I've noticed in Ireland:

  • every front door to houses are painted in different colours
  • food is cheaper than London
  • Guinness is like a meal replacement! It's so think and creamy
  • wider variety of fruit and vegetables available