Day 5: Turtles and Luau

After only sleeping about three hours last night as I was too hot and suffering terrible headtburn, we rose at 7.30am and met everyone in the lobby. We walked to the other Outrigger hotel to get on a catamaran and off out to Turtle Canyon. Turtle canyon is a special reef area where wild turtles come to get their shells cleaned by fish. 

When we got on the boat, we were instructed on how to use our snorkels and optional flotation vests. Once at the reef, we jumped in and made our way to the specific spot where the turtles may be. We were guaranteed at least one turtle sighting. At one stage, we had six turtles in close proximity to the group. It was an amazing experience watching them get their shells cleaned and then head to the surface for air. At one stage I was next to the turtle taking a photo and he/she decided to head back under but turned my way and nearly swam into me! Towards the end of the snorkelling adventure, I started to feel really motion sick so I headed back to the boat; Jacinta followed. I reckon I was turning a nasty shade of green. Once everyone was on board and I found out that we weren't heading back to the shore but going to sail for an hour, I decided that I was feeling very, very average. I vomited soon after and then felt a tiny, little bit better! Whilst sailing, we saw dolphins and this time of year, there can be whales, but not today. 

Back on dry land, we went back the hotel. Showered and made our way to McDonalds for the Hawaiian favourite of Saimin. They were a step up from 2 minute noodles. We ventured back to the hotel and I had a little nap as I was exhausted from snorkelling. 

We got ready for our luau and walked to the Hyatt for our transfer to the secluded beach on the south west coast. Slight problem was the main street along the foreshore was closed for the ‘hugs and hearts festival’ (smaller version of a white night crossed with a Sunday market). Due to the road closure, our bus was delayed 30 minutes but that didn't matter as we weren't the last bus to arrive!

At the luau, we were greeted with a shell lei and Hawaiian music. 

There was a presentation of the 14 hour slow-cooked pork from the oven in the sand and then we tucked into our feast! There was chicken, beef, pork, salmon, hake and different salads and side dishes on offer. I tried the Hawaiian traditional food of ‘poi’ which is mashed up taro root mixed with a bit of water. It's like glue. 

After eating, a bunch of us girls headed on stage to learn some hula dancing and it was hilarious!! We then saw the experts dance to different cultural islands including NZ, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji and Hawaii. 

At the end of the night we were lucky to meet some of the dancers before hopping on the bus and making the 27 mile journey back to Waikiki. Jacinta and I headed to Long's Drugs for some deodorant afterwards and then straight to bed!