Day 6: Bangkok

We had a decent sleep in, showered again, ate some breakfast… JAPANESE RICE BALLS!!! (Rice ball count :1)¬†
Downstairs, we weighted our bags.. and we are underweight.

We walked along the main road and got a tuktuk at the hospital to the temple of dawn “Wat Arun”. It was a completely different temple covered in seashells and saucers. Next door was another beautiful temple that reminded me of the grand palace from yesterday. We decided to give a donation of our coins and we were greeted by a monk who blessed us and tied a white string bracelet around our wrists.

We hopped on a boat (4 baht 16 AUD cents) across the river to the other main temple Wat Pho (reclining Buddha with eyes open) but opted for some delicious spring rolls and lunch first.

At a little restaurant opposite Wat Pho we ate thick rice noodles with chicken, basil, lemongrass and soy sauce before heading back out into the heat again!

Wat Pho was beautiful. To view the reclining Buddha, you have to take your shoes off and carry then in a plastic bag whilst within the hall. The bottom of the Buddha's feet are the most beautiful as the wood has ben carved and is Mother of Pearl within the carvings. It was so intricate.

Back out of the hall, we visited the other smaller temples but ended up stranded at one undercover temple due to a sudden downpour. At least it cleared the crowds for the 15 minutes that it poured down and thunder was overhead!.

Once the rain has stopped, it had become very humid but we kept going. After seeing the remaining sections of the temple, we boarded the boat back across the river and got in a taxi down to the hotel.

Once we arrived, I changed my shoes as my feet had become damp and then we were on our way to the airport.

Initially I was worried that the taxi driver would charge us a huge amount but h actually used the meter within the cab and it only came to about 300 baht. Then, I was becoming worried about the peak hour traffic along the main stretch of highway but it ended up being quite a smooth journey.

Homeward bound now.