Day 6: Hoi An

Up a early once again! This time I was feeling 100% better!!

In a minibus out to the My Son temples with our cute little tour guide Van who was constantly smiling! I don't know how he did it- wearing a suit on a 35 degree day!

Because we were visiting a sacred area, all women had to cover shoulders and knees to be respectful.. This is very hard to do considering it was boiling hot in the direct sun. 

It was a decent hour drive to the ruins… A lot of the temples were destroyed in the Vietnam War. There was evidence of bomb craters and we were cautioned to stay to the footpaths as there could be landlines still present in the area. 10 years ago, a boy hearding buffalo was blown up near the temples. 

The majority of the temples were built during the 11th century and are currently in the process of being restored. 

The temples have ventilation gaps as it the clay bricks trap in the heat! 

At this stage of the walk, I nearly passed out so I headed back to the car park. It was a beautiful walk back!

To try and cool down I purchased a nice cream, similar to a drumstick for $1AUD and a can of Lipton iced tea.. It was well worth it! When everyone else returned, they all looked exhausted. On the bus ride back to the hotel, the majority slept. Van explained his role in the Vietnam war. It was fascinating. He was an interpreter for American army for 7 years. On tour, they were not allowed to smoke, talk or wear mosquito repellent as the enemy could smell them coming and would shoot. After the war, he was given the opportunity to emigrate to America with the American army but he chose to stay because he didn't want to leave his family behind. Because he stayed, he worked as a slave on a rice paddy farm. He would work from 7am to 10pm and the. Would have to sleep on the ground with no mosquito nets or blankets. He starved for 16 years while working, he got down to 38kg. Since 2001, he has been a tour guide for his home town of Hoi An. When he talks about his city, you can tell he is proud of how it has developed into a bustling, beautiful area.

Back in the hotel, Emma inspected my back… It is blister galore!

After some much needed rest for an hour, Emma and I headed out for lunch with Flora and Larissa other contiki crew). We went to this little restaurant facing the river. Passionfruit juice is very refreshing!. For the first time in Vietnam, I have finally eaten some Pho (pronounced fur) with fresh coriander, basil and lime - plus, it only cost me $2.25 AUD!!!