Day 7: Back to London

Up early again for our 10 hour journey back to London. We grabbed our packed breakfast (bread roll, scone, mandarin, juice and a little chocolate bar) and hopped on the bus at 6.45 am for the 20min drive to the port. The ferry was nearly empty this time, everyone must still be nursing their hangovers! The ferry over was a little bit rough but all of us managed to fit in a couple of hours of sleep. Back through Wales it was sunny!! It was exciting to see the sun! Some of the town names I still can't understand. I don't understand how llynbianphyllyll and abergwyngrenyn (I think I have the spelling right) are town names! Every sign had Welsh and English and the Welsh words were twice as long….except the word for ‘for’ it translates into ‘am’.

We finally stopped for lunch around 3pm!

Back on the coach and into London at 6.30pm. Emma and I made our way to Clink261 hostel, it was easy to find. Inside we were told that we were in separate rooms which bothered us a little bit but it was alright. I went to my room and it was an 18 bed mixed room. All the bunks were pushed together so you were like sardines. I was on the top bunk and I had trouble getting up onto it as my legs were too long to manuvere them up. Emma on the other hand was put in a ten bed room with 9 middle aged men. She quickly came back down to reception and asked for a room swap, the Italian receptionist fellow refused and said that it was full. We said that it was completely unfair and unsafe putting a 21 year old female in a room with 9 men. She felt so uncomfortable that she didn't want to leave her bag in the room. He didn't care. 

So, we grabbed our bags and went to the closest hotel… Unfortunately it was full but, after pointing us in the right direction, we managed to get a room at the Travelodge Kings Cross Royal Scot hotel. It was such a relief to finally have somewhere that we feel comfortable in (although it's 5 times the price for a night). It was now 9pm and we were so exhausted so we ordered room service and watched tv with a cup of tea each. Night sorted.