Day 7: Hoi An to Hue

Having a decent night sleep was what we needed after a gruelling day out in 36 degree heat. I managed to dress myself fully today! It was a big milestone!

Emma and I went back to the tailor to collect her shoes. The sweat was pouring off my legs and back. After that, we went for a walk back up to the Japanese bridge and popped into a few stores to buy souvenirs and the like. A lot of the store holders ask for such a high price that it is beyond a joke. Thankfully, we managed to haggle our way down to 1/4 or even 1/6 of the original asking price. All the haggling made us thirsty so we ended up at the same restaurant we were at yesterday for lunch for a quick beverage of Passionfruit juice. 

More purchases were made before we headed back to the hotel, roughly stuffed everything in to our bags and checked out. We were all preparing for the 4hr drive ahead of us so the majority headed over to the other side of the road and made quick purchases of Pringles, Vietnamese iced coffee and gallons of water. Our mini van arrived to take us to our main bus on the edge of town (due to it being a UNESCO world heritage site) and we were on our way. 

We were all warned that the first half would be very windy and slow. James wasn't wrong! One thing he didn't mention was that it was a very scenic drive over the mountain range past Da Nang into the beyond. 

To kill some time, we watched the TopGear special when they were in Vietnam. Very humorous and so many familiar places!! After a quick snooze, we were in Hue. Hue was the capital of Vietnam until 1945. During the Vietnam war, because it was so close to the north and south border, it was damaged terribly and they are still in the process of rebuilding. 

This city reminded me a lot of Saigon but the streets a lot narrower and people aren't quite as pushy for sales. The bus managed to get to the hotel down this tiny street! We checked in, freshened up and then with our maps, explored the city for a couple of hours. Heaps of dresses and upmarket t-shirt  places that I made a purchase or two at. Back at the hotel, we got ready for our ‘family’ dinner to celebrate Larrissa's 20th birthday.. With cake!

After dinner, most of us made our way to DMZ bar for a few casual beverages. On the way to the bar, hundreds of people on scooters lined the streets for the Vietnamese festival of the change from summer into autumn.

 At the bar, they too were celebrating their 20th birthday with a spin the wheel game. Emma ended up winning an entire bottle off Russian vodka. I had a quick corona and retired for the night… With Emma's vodka (I didn't drink it!)