Day 7: Shopping and Food

Today I woke at 8.30am and walked down to the ABC store and grabbed a turkey wrap and a iced vanilla latte. I stopped in at a retro tshirt shop and the shop attendant told me about a cheap department store that sells last seasons clothes at a cheap price. 

Jacinta, Michelle, Rebecca and I walked to this department store, Ross’ and it appears like a huge savers store but it sells designer clothes! After trying on a few things, I managed to get a Calvin Klein jacket for a third of the price. 

We then booked a table at the Cheesecake Factory and waited for a table for 6. Once we grabbed a booth, we each ordered and the meals were huge. We were told the macaroni and cheese deep fried balls were a hit, so we ordered an entree serve and shared. Melt in your mouth food!

Once we finished, we rolled out of the restaurant, grabbed our bathers and headed for the spa. Jacinta and I spent a little while in there and then jumped into the surf to watch the others paddle board. We swam out to where they were practicing and by the time we got to the others, we were knackered!! We then paddled back to the shore and retired to the spa. We met a lady from Reservoir who has been to Hawaii 7 times! 

We showered and then met the others for hotel room drinks. I went down to Duke's restaurant and joined the waiting list for a table for six. Back in the room we drank cheap vodka strawberry drinks and ate goldfish snacks. We got the call and we managed to grab a table right by the pool so we could watch the sunset. 

Our food was amazing. I got the seared yellow fin tuna with rice. At the end of our meal, we wre serenaded with three ukuleles singing my requested song ‘Over the rainbow’. Fabulous way to end the trip!

We walked down the street and went to the ‘Stupid Factory’ and bought some hilarious tshirts and then back to the hotel room to finish our cheesecakes and alcohol.