Day 8: Homebound

Up at 4.45am to finalise packing and to meet the others in the lobby at 5.15am.

We hopped onto our airport transport and the driver played classics from the seekers, mamas and the papas and the Eagles. 

At the airport, I ate a Burger King bacon, egg and cheese croissant with hash browns (potato gems) and orange juice. 

At the gate, Jacinta and I found a couple of massage chairs and for $2, enjoyed an 8min massage.

Before boarding, my name was called over the PA and when I approached the desk, I had dropped my wallet whilst getting a a massage! I only had 25c in it so it wouldn't have been worth anything to anyone! 

The flight was consistently turbulent until after flying over Noumea. Also didn't help that we had two (not one) screaming children the entire journey. 

Just hang loose and just have fun,

Sipping on a drink lying in the sun.

Don't try and fight it, it ain't use.

When you're in Hawaii you should just hang loose.