Day 9: Bus Tour Again

Today I awoke to the sound of one of my room mates coughing his guts out at 6am. Had a shower in the small bathroom (whilst wearing my thongs) and made my way down to the breakfast area. Although they only supplied toast and cereal, it was a much better spread of things than in Dublin.

Here is a photo of some of my room:

We walked to Kings cross station again and hopped on our tour bus. We got on the wrong one (we got on lilac instead of orange) and it took us passed the British library, through some back streets until we arrived at Trafalgar Square. 

Just on the other side of this monument is Whitehall Street. We walked up along there and we came to the HouseHold Calvary Living Museum. 

Just passed this was the heavily guarded 10 Downing Street and then just passed that was the Churchill War Museum. I'd have to say that the War museum was by far my favourite attraction in London. It is closely followed by St Paul's Cathedral. Inside the War Museum, the first room you entered was the Cabinet Room. This was where Winston Churchill and his 6-8 parliamentarians would sit and make decisions during the Second World War. It was a very eerie feeling entering a room that had such historical significance!! Where the red briefcase sits was where Prime Minister Churchill sat during discussions.

The Churchill Museum attached to the war rooms was opened in 2005 by the Queen. It is broken up into 5 chapters of Winston's life. Firstly starting with his political journey and ending with his death. It had an interactive approach to presenting its information. In the middle of the museum was this 20-30 metre long touch screen table that had each year clearly labeled. You were able to click on a year and it would open up to a different screen showing you the important information on specific dates.

 I never knew that Winston lived to be 90!! 

After the War Museum, it was sunny so we decided to take some stereotypical tourist shots! 

We finally found our orange tour bus and headed to Buckingham Palace. It is a lot bigger than what It appears in photos! 

I knocked on the gates but no one answered! 

Before we knew it, it was 3pm so we got back onto the bus and reached our destination of Kings Cross. A pub was situated out the front of the bus stop so we couldn't resist eating there! Mushroom soup with crusty bread for entree and an amazing bubble and squeak with a poached egg for main. I was going to get the ploughmans lunch but it was going to cost me $40 Australian dollars so I decided to pass. 

After our lengthy lunch, we went back to the hostel and got ready to go out and catch up with one of the girls we met on the Vietnam trip. For the first time in London, we put on dresses (with thick tights for added warmth) and caught the train to Covent Garden. There, we met up with Kate and we went to a rather fancy wine/cocktail bar with some of her work mates. It was lovely to catch up. We told her about our hostel situation and she invited us to stay with her in Kent the following night to get away from the madness! I couldn't refuse that offer!