Day Eleven: Otago Region

Some of us were up early today because we had to get to the Shotover Jet. The others slept in for the first time this trip! We had to walk to the Shotover station and board a bus to get to the Shotover river. On the way, we were given neck socks to wear due to the wind chill factor and we were told to continue wearing our jackets and out on one of their waterproof jackets and life jackets. Soon enough, we boarded out boat and we're told to hang on and that's about it!

We had a lot of fun! The canyon was filled with water (usually it's a bit lower due to the water forming purely as snow) and we did heaps of spins and zig zigging along the river. The wind on our faces felt like brain freeze!

After our exhilarating morning, we headed back to Queenstown and bought croissants before joining the others. We got into our van and our first stop was a third tyre shop as our front tyres were bald. They were replaced swiftly and we were finally on our way. After 56 minutes we made it to Wanaka to visit the famous Wanaka Tree. It is a willow tree that used to belong a fence line in the 1940's but it is now within a lake! We stopped here for lunch before taking off again.

We drove towards Dunedin but stopped in Cromwell to Scott Base Winery and we each got a wine tasting or beer tasting. We ended up liking their beers more and we walked out with over 14 beers! After 3 hours we made it to Dunedin but it was dark so we weren't able to see much but our accommodation was easy to find as it is an apartment within an old chapel. There are 7 apartments and we took two of them. Our apartment was enormous! We are sharing with the other two brothers as it is a three bedroom apartment with large soaking bathtub. It still has a lot of the original features which is really great. We walked to a Mexican Restaurant that was close by and we had tapas plates and huge Chimichanga's!