Day Nineteen: MotoGP

Had some very quick breakfast around 10.45am (cheese count: 15) as the first race for the Italian MotoGP started at 11am.

I stayed on the couch until the end of the third and final race which concluded at 3pm.

Whilst I was glued to the TV, Jip and his mum went grocery shopping for some fruit and snacks to take for tomorrow's drive. They got some berries, red and white grapes and speculaas balls covered in chocolate (usually eaten at Christmas).

After all the races, Jip and I went for a nap and I must have been tired as I slept for two hours! Soon enough, Jips mum served up ‘Oma's Spaghetti’ which is a recipe handed down through the family consisting of spaghetti with a tomato based sauce, cheese, ham pieces and egg. We had it with some salad.

After dinner, I made Jip come for a walk with me as we had been lazy the entire day. We walked around the lake for quite a while and came across a bunny with half his ear missing and a family of swans.

We did a load of washing before watching a movie and then packed for our roadtrip tomorrowfsdfrs.