Day 1: Japanese Adventure

Jacinta and I were up at 5am ready to start our Japan Adventure! When we got to the airport we were relatively hungry so decided to get some food from only one of the two cafes that were open in the international terminal as renovations were taking place. We bought some mediocre ‘jaffles’ and then waited to board. At our seats, we were spoilt with large blankets and pillows and a food menu that was actually appealing! It was a very non-eventful flight with minimal turbulence.

We landed at 7pm and once through customs, made our way to the taxi rank. We were quoted ¥22,000 to get to the hotel. It is roughly $246 AUD. I kindly declined this offer and chose to face the bus stop. We hopped onto the Tokyo equivalent of the skybus for $20 each and ended up at the TCAT; Tokyo Ctiy Air Terminal above a train station.

Two stops on the train and a 5 minute walk later, we were at the hotel. Twin share room with a shower that I can fit underneath! 

We changed into some more appropriate clothing and were in search of food. At the convenience store, we bought food for breakfast tomorrow (sushi packs, sandwiches and grapes) and found Mos Burger (we have heard good things about it!). For $10 we stuffed our faces with delicious,  saucy burgers and fries. 

After quick showers, we were in bed. Only downside is the humid weather and an air conditioner that is merely blowing the warm air around!