Day One: Transit to Amsterdam

Managed to stay awake for our Uber driver at 1am.

We were swiftly driven to the airport and went through the business class line to drop off our bags. Jip's case weighed 19.8kg whereas I had 17kg exact.

Once our bags were dropped off we thought we would make a quick entrance in through the departure gate for the Emirates Lounge. Boy, was I wrong. The departure gate was completely closed until 3am despite check in opening at 1.30-2am.

After waiting over an hour we finally made it into the terminal and went to the Emirates lounge. It was opulent to say the least. Open bar of spirits, wine and beer and a full continental breakfast with fresh pastries. We both weren’t feeling very hungry but we had to indulge! We both had 2 Moet’s , Veuve Clicquot and washed it all down with some Glenfiddich. We were soon called to the gate where we had priority boarding and made our way to our seats. We were situated within the first segment of the huge A380 plane and had ample leg room to stretch out.

We were provided with two main meals including a hot breakfast and lunch which was either a chicken korma or a lamb stew. The snack was a spinach and cheese pide before landing.

When we had finally landed in Dubai, we were greeted to 43 degree heat and yes, we did feel it as the ramp wasn’t air conditioned. Within the terminal they had free ice cream tubs so we grabbed a couple and darted for the Emirates lounge again. Inside it was even better than Melbourne. Vast arrays of desserts, salads and hot meals as well as multitudes of beer and wine. I grabbed a big stash of smoked salmon and olives whilst Jip got the Moët. We only had about 20 minutes before we had to head back to our gate. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before we boarded our next flight.

Unfortunately, we had a 1 hour delay due to ‘change of aircraft and gate” but we were told by the pilot that we would make up the time during the 7 hour flight (but that didn’t happen). The A380 to Amsterdam was newer than the last and the bathrooms were twice as large. We were served another hot lunch of either salmon with dill sauce or lemon and oregano chicken topped off with chocolate mousse and a raspberry coulis. I asked for a gin and tonic and I was not disappointed. It was a full 50mL mini bottle of Beefeater with a tonic can about the same size. Made for a strong drink! Jip got the Bacardi.

With just over an hour to go, I started to get fidgety and a sore bottom but we landed very smoothly and got to the terminal. Immigration was very smooth. It also helped that we were sitting up the front of the plane so we were some of the first to walk through the airport. We grabbed our bags and met up with Jip’s mum. We drove 124km back to her house along a few stretches of highway where the speed limit is 100km/hr between 6am to 7pm and after 7pm it goes to 130km/hr so the 124km went by very quickly.

Once we arrived in Wijchen, we all sat up for a drink at 11.30pm, said hello to the two cats and gave them a scratch before showering and getting into bed well after midnight.