Day Seventeen: Lazy travel day

Had a well deserved sleep in and missed breakfast. We were hoping to have a family brunch at a place recommended by one of Jip's friends but we ended up going to a restaurant in Noord-Amsterdam at lunchtime.

The restaurant was right on the harbour with all the prestigious yachts and it served up delicious food. I had the bitterballen for entree and a fresh tuna Poké bowl with yummy seaweed salad, grated carrot, cubed cucumber and edamame. Smakelijk!!

We stopped by an ice cream shop for dessert. Lemon cheesecake icecream topped off a good lunch. By the time we finished our feast and got home, we we had to pack our things and then leave as Marco and Natalja had a birthday to attend to near the German border and Amsterdam peak hour traffic is horrendous on a Friday. We got back to Wijchen at 5.30pm and then had to quickly get ready for our dinner in Nijmegen.

We caught a lovely new train to Nijmegen that is so comfortable, ample seating and a toilet on board. Melbourne should see these!!

In Nijmegen, Jip showed me where he used to live before we walked along the shopping district towards the bar. Everything was closed which surprised me as Friday night is usually late night shopping but in Nijmegen you can't get anything after 6pm at the latest - some places close even earlier!

Met Jips friends from University in Nijmegen and we all got a drink at a bar before making our way to the restaurant. This particular restaurant has a set 3 course meal for a certain price but you choose each course from the a la carte menu. Beef carpaccio for entree, grilled fish and salad for main and cheesecake for dessert. We all had a good time but we had to make it back to Wijchen to sleep so we departed at 10.30. In bed by midnight.