Day Ten: 550km through four countries

Woke up to my last few hours in Luxembourg. I went downstairs for the breakfast and everything was gone except some yoghurt and cereal. I asked if they had anymore bread and the lady said she could get some. It happened to be that they got fresh bread from the local bakery. I had two rolls with peach jam and butter. I had all my bags packed and I did the quick walk to the car, loaded it and took off on my way to get Jip from Lille.

Everything was running smoothly whilst on the freeway except when I overtook a truck and then he flashed me with his high beams. I thought it was odd but I kept driving. About 30-40km further along the highway, it happened again. This time, I took note and at the next parking/picnic area, I pulled over to check if everything was okay. I checked all tyres as well as all the lights. Everything looked fine so I was a little perplexed. Then, I saw the truck that had flashed me pull over in front of me and waved out the window. I walked over and asked if anything was the matter with my car because he flashed. No, he didn’t flash to warn me about anything, he flashed in an attempt to have a ‘quick stop’. I quickly walked back to the car, started it and took off before I got my seatbelt on as he then got out of his truck and was approaching me. I had two more trucks flash me between the Luxembourg border with Belgium and the French border but I ignored.

Now in France, I found the conference centre easily and had made good time. I met Jip prior to his talk on his paper so I went in and watched. He was brilliant at presenting and answered the crowds questions very well. His mentors were most impressed.

We jumped back into the car and made the 2 hour journey to Maastricht past numerous areas of roadwork that slowed us down considerably. We filled up the car and shared a sandwich before arriving in yet another beautiful city. Our hotel is the most quirky place we’ve been in (100 times better than Luxembourg) and has kitchen areas on each floor as it also serves as long term accommodation for students. The bathroom is beautful matte black tiles and it made it relaxing.

We walked the short journey into the centre of town and had Italian for dinner, the centre of town is a big open square with multiple outdoor dining areas with the city hall in the middle. Many small laneways come off from the centre square with little kitschy stores and expensive brands. We walked to the main area where Andre Rieu does his performances and then walked via the grocery store for some thing’s for breakfast.