Day Thirteen: onwards to Amsterdam

Today we leisurely got up and had breakfast downstairs before Saskia went to dog training with the Labrador puppy. Jip and I went into the city centre by bike but unfortunately, it was raining lightly and we got damp (not wet).

We went to Vodafone as my SIM card (that I paid a lot of money for) only gave me two weeks of usage but we explicitly stated that we wanted something for a month. He sincerely apologised and gave me a new SIM card so I will have yet another phone number after the 5th September when the first card expires. Afterwards we went to the naturopathic store and they had something similar to my special kiwi fruit extract suppliment and I got a box of it to try as an alternative. We did some bread shopping and rode our bikes home.

We had a very nice lunch of fresh rolls with cheese and ham (cheese count: 10 varieties) and I went and got our washing and put it in our bags. We were soon picked up by Jip's dad and we made the 1.5 hour journey to Amsterdam. He has a 4WD and it barely fits into the car garage at his apartment complex!

It was lovely meeting his dad, step mother Natalja and step sister Layla. We were shown around the apartment before making our journey to the Italian restaurant next door! We had beautiful calamari, mussels and prawns for entree followed by papadelle pasta with mushrooms and truffle sauce. Dinner was washed down with two bottles of high quality red wine and as we were leaving, we were each given a glass of limoncello.

We had a relaxing night with a bottle of white wine, lots of laughs and bed at midnight!